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INTRODUCING: Your Owner's Manual for Deeper Connection, Lifelong Partnership and Better Sex
 new book available april 10th on amazon
The Awakened Woman's Guide to Everlasting Love
by Londin Angel Winters & Justin Patrick Pierce
"Honest, heartfelt and passionate, this book will ignite and fulfill your desire for mind-blowing sexual intimacy and deeper everlasting love.” 
- Kim Farrant, Film Director -

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Your Owner's Manual for Deeper Connection,
Lifelong Partnership and Better Sex

In today’s disconnected, distracted world, it seems like deep love gets harder to maintain every day. We spend more time looking at screens than at each other, cycle through new partners every time the spark starts to fade, and wall away our feelings until we become strangers who share a house and kids. But underneath all this, our souls long for an unbreakable love which deepens over time and lovemaking that gets hotter, not cooler, inside a lifetime commitment. 

This bond we yearn for is not impossible. It’s not even improbable. You can create it in your life right now—intimacy that opens both you and your partner to a divine awakening you could not create on your own, lovemaking that curls your toes, and a partnership where both people champion each other’s best interests, where even the difficult moments bring you closer together. This is sacred relationship, and it’s already within your reach.

It exists in these pages. If you are seeking a resource for attracting a sacred relationship, sustaining long-term passion, and deepening in authentic connection (whether you’re single or in a relationship), you're in the right place. The path within these pages will teach you how to have a long-term, sexy, passionate, deeply fulfilling relationship with a partner who is as excited to be there as you are. Written by both a man and a woman who have been living and teaching these principles for a decade, this book is an owner’s manual for intimacy, a map for loving at the deepest level, and an invitation into sacred practice where divine connection becomes part of everyday life. 

Reader Reviews

Jolie Dawn, best-Selling Author
“I truly believe it takes genius level to take something inherently complex and make it simple. That's what this book is and the skill that Justin and Londin have brought to this great piece of text. I've spent years confused about relationship polarity, feeling as a driven, powerful woman that I am somehow left out of the equation. 

What this book taught me is that I absolutely can create the polarity that I desire in relationship and have the ambitious career and life purpose that is so second nature to me. I am beyond grateful that this exists in the world and I highly recommend this book to any woman who deeply desires love at her core but also knows she's meant for something big in the world.”
Kim Farrant, Film Director
“This incredible book changed my life in so many ways! It gives you golden insight into how to soften and blossom as a full blown woman whilst still maintaining a high powered career. It guides you on how to show up in relationship when every part of you wants to close and when it all seems just too hard. And it helped me attract into my life a beautiful man of integrity, strength, and depth, whom I truly love and whom I also want make love with, a combination I’ve never been able to manage before. 

Yep - I want it all. Love and ravishment. Londin and Justin live this rare paradigm and beautifully, yet simply, illustrate with grace, grit and delightful humor how you can have it too. Honest, heartfelt and passionate, this book will ignite and fulfill your desire for mind-blowing sexual intimacy and deeper everlasting love.”
Amy Shelby
“With a refreshingly enlightening perspective on achieving a deep love with your partner (and with yourself), co-authors and real-life romantic partners Londin Winters and Justin Pierce have created a down-to-earth yet incredibly spiritual guide that benefits both men and women with its exercises in yoga, intimacy, sexual exploration and sacred practices. As a woman who has not yet found a man with whom to spend my life, I have been revitalized and resensitized by this guide’s teachings, and I feel a restored awareness of self and the lasting connection I seek. If you are on the path to finding a lifetime of true connection and awakening, regardless of your relationship status, do not miss out on this one-of-a-kind gem.”
Michael Sheehy
“This book blew me away. I started it because my girlfriend loved it, but found myself totally inspired by it. To get a man's perspective on intimacy through Justin’s honest accounts and insights is so validating and heartening. The book is an amazing admittance of our beautifully flawed humanity and an invitation to have the electric, authentic, and deep relationships we desire.”
Hana Mayeda, Model & Actress
“This book is one exquisite reframe after the next. Londin and Justin somehow manage to tackle the vast subjects of relationship and intimacy. They do it in ways that seem so obvious and yet are remarkably new and fitting for the times we live in and the ways in which masculine and feminine energies affect every nuance of our lives.
Their words took me on a journey of using my own blocks and painful shortcomings as access points through which I was catapulted into a realm of sacred relating. I watched old habits and methods of scarcity that kept me shut down and disconnected be burned away as an intimacy emerged… with my fiancé, my work, my life and even within myself.
If you want to show up more fully in relationships and dive deeper into your own feminine fullness – read this book. It’ll force you to look at some aspects of yourself that you might want to shy away from - but they’ll hold your hand through it all. The reward of what’s on the other side is so great, you simply won’t be able to (nor will you want to) go back to what life was like before you read this book.”
Adele Uddo, Owner at Essentiel by Adele
“When I read this book, I was starting a business and was suddenly filled with self doubt, overwhelm and worst case scenarios. The wisdom offered helped me reconnect to my body's wisdom and actually find pleasure in the midst of deep discomfort. The Guide became a healing vehicle for my relationship with ME.

I'll be referencing these potent pages repeatedly. Londin and Justin are powerful pioneers whose tools are not only applicable to cultivating deeper/hotter romantic relationships, they offer a road map to much more."
Keri Claussen Khalighi, Model & Mother of 3
“A profound and timely gem of a book with clear intentions in supporting, creating and sustaining the sacred in relationship. It powerfully delivers in providing a roadmap to navigate the sometimes murky waters of relationship that can so often leave us wanting, while going a step beyond in giving distinctions on how to take the connection between two people and elevate the union to something truly magical and deeply satisfying. 

I picked up inspiration and many new insights, yet the true find here is Londin Winter’s ability to transmute her wisdom and skill into the subject matter through her “three pillars” path. She is generous in sharing real life experience from her work with couples as well as from her own long-term relationship...and she doesn’t shrink from sharing the intimate and juicy details. Her partner, Justin, fills in with a man’s point of view with startling and refreshing insight. 

Thank you, Londin and Justin, for not only illuminating the inner workings of the topic of sexual polarity, but of other equally essential principles of presence and devotion...all of which foster vibrancy and fulfillment in long-term relationships.”
Ellen Smoak, Best-Selling Author
“I've read most of the relationship books on the market, and I can honestly say that Londin Angel Winters and Justin Patrick Pierce are a cut above the rest. Their deep wisdom and understanding of the dynamics between men and women have shown me what's really, truly possible in a romantic relationship. 

This book also teaches you how step into your full radiance as a women, so that you can attract higher levels of love. One of my favorite parts about this book was hearing from Justin what makes him deeply and consistently devoted to his partner. Learning this gave me a new understanding of how to be inside my next relationship, so that my partner desires me above anything else. This book is full of new wisdom to help you both attract the best partner, and become the best partner. It's a must read for anyone who wants deep, passionate, long-lasting love.”

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a Los Angeles–based nonprofit organization that is working to put an end to modern slavery and human trafficking through comprehensive, lifesaving services to survivors and a platform to advocate for groundbreaking policies and legislation.
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